Kidsafe Victoria & Emergcare’s Family First Aid Kit: Essential Safety for Every Family


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In the journey of parenthood, preparedness is key. Kidsafe Victoria and Emergcare’s Family First Aid Kit is designed with this in mind, offering a sense of security and readiness for a variety of medical situations. Whether at home or on the go, this kit is your affordable and reliable partner in ensuring your family’s safety and well-being.


Key Features

  • Comprehensive and innovative care: The kit has all of the essentials to make sure you are equipped for any situation.
  • Designed for ease and efficiency: Emergencies require quick action. Our unique pouch system simplifies first aid, with clearly labelled compartments that allow you to find what you need without delay. Each pouch targets a specific type of injury or illness, from minor cuts and burns to sprains and snake or spider bites.
  • Affordability meets quality: Top-quality healthcare for your family can be affordable. Our kit offers premium care without the premium price, making sure you get the best without the stress of high costs.
  • Specialised Baby Essentials: Our kit features a ‘Baby Essentials’ pouch with gentle care tools like a nasal aspirator, oral medicine syringe or spoon, plus a ‘sickness’ pouch with vomit bags and wet ones, making sure you’re ready for your little one’s health needs.


Trust the expertise of Emergcare Paramedics and Kidsafe Victoria and be proactive in safeguarding your family’s well-being. Order your Family First Aid Kit today and join the community of proactive parents who trust us for their first aid needs.


Brand: Emergcare and Kidsafe Victoria
Description of Device: First Aid Kit
Intended Purpose: A convenient collection of equipment and materials to assist with the rapid, initial treatment of an injury or illness.
Kit contents: 


Emergency First Aid Instruction Book

50 x Adhesive Plastic Strips (19mm x 72mm)

2 x Knuckle Adhesive Plaster

12 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

2 x Large Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free)

2 x 8 ply Swabs Gauze (5cm x 5cm)

x 12 ply Swabs Gauze (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

Hypoallergenic Paper Tape (25mm x 9m)

12 x Safety Pins

1 x CPR Face Shield CPR

10 x Disposable Splinter Probes

1 x Notebook & Pencil

5 x Cotton Tips

2 x Sodium Chloride Ampoules (15ml)

Trauma Shears

Large Trauma Bandage

2 x Medium Conforming Bandages 7.5cm x 1.5m (unstretched)

2 x Eye Pads (5cm x 7.5cm)


Triangular Bandage

Stainless Steel Dressing Forceps

Large Instant Ice Pack

Burn gel (3.5g satchel)

Thermal Blanket

2 x Non-Adherent Dressing (5cm x 7.5cm)

Non-Adherent Dressing (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

4 x High Compression Bandages 10cm x 1.5m (unstretched)

3 x Travel Sick Bags

5 x Wet Wipes (Alcohol Free)

CPR Face Shield CPR

2 x Large Nitrile Gloves (Latex Free)

10 x Adhesive Plastic Strips (Infant)

10ml Medicine Oral Syringe

5ml Medicine Spoon

Nasal Aspirator

Medicine Dropper

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Additional information

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Dimensions 37 × 26 × 10 cm