Nursery Equipment Program, Victorian State Goveernment

The Nursery Equipment Program (NEP) is an initiative funded by the Victorian State Government, through the Victorian Department of Health. As an integral part of Victoria’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service, the NEP supports eligible families facing vulnerability through the provision of safe nursery equipment.


Proudly delivered by Kidsafe Victoria, the aim of the NEP is to enhance child safety across the state.


Equipment provided

Eligible families referred to the NEP by a Maternal Child Health Nurse are able to receive:

All equipment provided through the NEP adheres strictly to Australian Standards, ensuring the utmost safety for every child. For more detailed information including eligibility criteria, please refer to the Nursery Equipment Program Guidelines.

Access to the NEP Portal

MCH Nurses can access the Nursery Equipment Program Portal via the button below to place orders. 

For more information on the NEP, or assistance with the portal, please email Kidsafe Victoria at or call on (03) 9036 2306.