Community Organisations

We have a range of professional development opportunities and resources to help ensure that your organisation and the families you work with are provided with up to date, best practice information and advice on childhood injury issues.

The e-learning tool assists to ensure your organisation is equipped to provide a safe space for children in service and support parents and carers to keep their kids safe.

This two day nationally recognised training course will provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to deliver Type 1 Child Restraint Fitting and checking services.

This nationally recognised, accredited unit is suitable for childcare staff, family day care staff or anyone who has to transport children as part of their role.

This 2-hour session is specifically designed for community organisations. The session involves a 45 minute theory component and a 1 hour and 15 minute practical component.

We have collaborated with The Growth Training Group to offer Nationally Accredited Training Courses in First Aid, ranging from CPR refresher, First Aid and Childcare First Aid.

We have a wide range of resources including posters, fact sheets, brochures and car park signs which can be ordered.

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