We need your help to continue our efforts to save the lives of Victorian children.



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Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for Australian children aged 1-14 years. Every week in Australia, 3 children will die due to an unintentional injury. That’s over 150 families every year who experience the grief of losing a previously healthy child.


On top of this, over 110,000 children are treated in hospital in Victoria alone each year due to preventable injuries- that’s more than the capacity of the MCG. Many of these children are left with lifelong impacts due to their injury.


Kidsafe Victoria is here to help

Kidsafe Victoria is the leading independent, charitable foundation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death, injury and associated disability to Victorian children. We believe that prevention is better than treatment, so we work tirelessly to empower families with practical information, advice and strategies to keep kids safe in the home, around water, on the road and at play.


The good news is that childhood injuries are preventable. Since Kidsafe’s establishment 40 years ago, the number of child deaths due to unintentional injury in Australia has reduced by over 60%. We know we have made a real difference to Australian families, we know our work saves lives – however, there is still much to be done.


To continue to have an impact, Kidsafe Victoria relies on the kind generosity of the public to provide much needed support for our services. We need your help to continue our efforts to save the lives of Victorian children.


There are many options available to support Kidsafe, through a one-off donation, a regular monthly donation, or by leaving a gift in your Will.

National Kidsafe Day – 24th May


As part of National Kidsafe Day on 24th May, we will be focusing on ‘The One’.

👨‍👩‍👧 Hear from families who have been ‘The One’ who lost a child to a preventable injury, as they bravely share their lived experience to help ensure no other family has to endure what they have.

🧍🧍‍♀️ You can be The One to make the change – by sharing our content and raising awareness, by making a generous donation to support our services you can be ‘The One’ to help us to save children’s lives.


With your help, we will be able to:

  • • Continue to develop and implement innovative child injury prevention awareness campaigns such as our button battery and backyard pool safety campaigns
  • • Produce free resources for parents, carers, early childhood centres and professionals
  • • Support bereaved parents and communities to create impactful legacy programs
  • • Run our free telephone and email support line, providing practical information, resources and advice to parents, carers, early childhood and other professionals
Deductible Gift Recipient

Kidsafe VIC Inc is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient which means all donations $2 and above are tax deductible. You can donate online by clicking the links above, or you can make a donation by sending a cheque payable to Kidsafe VIC Inc to Kidsafe Victoria C/o Monash Children’s Hospital, Locked Bag 29, Clayton South, 3169.