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SafeHome Stickers – All Taps clearly identify the hot from the cold for both standard & mixer taps. More importantly they show the direction to turn the tap to moderate the water temperature to a comfortable level for showering and bathing.

Now with basin tap stickers!

Helping bigger kids become independent – All young children demand to do things by themselves and turning on the taps of a shower or bath can be problematic on the child’s co-ordination, the height of the taps and also the type of tap. Kids arm length is a challenge too as they can’t reach over like adults and stand clear of the hot water coming at them. Our Safe Tap Stickers are a wonderful tool to help your kids learn which tap to turn on first and which direction to turn it.

Great for elderly and disabled persons – Showering and bathing one your own is a given for most but when you can’t see or read easily in the steamy shower, the direction to turn the tap can be easier with the visual cue of an arrow and colour of temperature.

SafeHome Stickers for All Taps makes using taps safer and provides people, both young and old independence and support. Made from hi-tack laminated waterproof vinyl, they are easy to apply behind taps on clean, dry surfaces, and remove without damage when no longer needed.

Great for bathrooms and wet areas that have both style taps, or for safety handouts to schools, community groups, etc.

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