Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover


  • Put your child’s safety first, with Micky Ha Ha’s Power Point Safety Cover, which prevents electrocutions, by stopping children from pulling out plugs, or turning switches on or off.  It’s the only product on the market that conveniently allows plugs to remain installed when in use. Two child-resistant catches and a rounded, all-clear design will provide piece of mind to parents. The universal design is compatible with all Australian standard-size single or double power points. Install via the supplied adhesive tape or permanently with screws.
  • Proudly Australian made and owned. These Power Point Safety Covers reduce access to toddlers and children to active power outlets.
  • You simply peel off the tape on the base and push it firmly against the wall where the power outlet is. The base fits snugly around the power point. The appliance cords are directed out through slots in the cover. The top cover clips on to the base with 2 child resistant catches.
  • The clear rounded design allows the user to see the status of the power point without removing the cover, but stops children being able to pull plugs out or even turn the switches on or off.

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