“You Nearly Lost Him” – Mums terrifying warning to parents after her son nearly died on a backyard yoga swing

  “Lauren, something is wrong, come quick”… were the terrifying words she heard from her 12 year-old-son Kalem’s best mate Hunter. Lauren ran to the backyard to find what no parent ever wants to see – her precious boy with a yoga swing wrapped around his neck. He was blue, foaming at the mouth, with […]

Kidsafe Victoria E-News June 2020

In this month’s edition we focus on National Burns Awareness Month (NBAM), an initiative by Kidsafe Australia to drive greater awareness of burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment. Winter is a time when there is a significantly increased risk of burns – this has sadly been the case this month, with The Royal […]

My scars are a part of me, but they do not define me – Childhood candle burn injury caused third-degree burns to over 40% of her body

      Shennel Martin has joined forces with Kidsafe to share her story as part of National Burns Awareness Month and help raise awareness of burns prevention. Nearly twenty-five years ago in the small coastal town of Port Fairy, eight-year-old Shennel was happily playing in her room. She had lit her first communion candle […]

Nearly One Third of Children Do Not Receive the Recommended First Aid Treatment For Burns

Protect your family this National Burns Awareness Month Kidsafe Australia is urging parents and carers to take action to prevent burns as winter hits and ensure they are aware of the correct first aid measures if a burn does occur. The call comes during National Burns Awareness Month, an Australia-wide campaign focused on raising awareness […]