Easter holiday warning as preventable child deaths continue to increase

Easter holiday warning as preventable child deaths continue to increase [Pictured: Hunter – 2 year old drowning at Grahamvale 12 August 2020] 150% increase between July – Dec 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 With the Easter school holidays approaching, Kidsafe Victoria has issued an urgent reminder to families to address the devastating […]

Families urged to keep backyard pool safety at top of holiday checklist

Families urged to keep backyard pool safety at the top of their holiday checklist ‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ Picture: Matt Welsh,  Kidsafe Ambassador,  Olympic Swimming Champion and father of 6 With the arrival of summer and holiday celebrations only weeks away, Kidsafe Victoria has urged families to ensure water safety is kept front of mind, […]

‘It Only Takes a Split Second’ – Raising awareness this National Kidsafe Day

Kidsafe Victoria has issued a reminder that all it takes is a split second for a child to be seriously injured, with an average of 3 children dying every week from preventable injuries in Australia. The call comes on National Kidsafe Day, Tuesday 27th October, the aim of which is to highlight key injury causes […]

Homeowners Urged to Register and Check Pool Barriers to Save Lives

Take Fifteen Minutes to Check your Backyard Pool is Safe This Daylight Saving With summer approaching and families eagerly anticipating a return to backyard pool parties and gatherings after recent restrictions, Kidsafe has urged homeowners to ensure their backyard swimming pools are safe and comply with the regulations, to prevent toddler drownings. The call comes […]

Alarm at Spike in Children’s Deaths – Since 1st August, 8 children have died across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Picture: Hunter Boyle – who tragically drowned in a Grahamvale dam while visiting his Grandfather’s farm. Kidsafe Victoria and The Royal Children’s Hospital are urging parents and carers to set up safe play areas and actively supervise children, in response to an alarming spike in unintentional injury deaths. Statistics from the Coroners Court of Victoria […]