June 1, 2019
Kidsafe Victoria e-news June 2019

We can’t believe it’s almost the end of June already! This special e-news edition focuses on National Burns Awareness Month (NBAM) and the dangers posed by Carbon Monoxide. You’ll also find some information about the latest product recalls. If you are thinking about an end of year donation then please remember we are a not for profit organisation with deductible gift recipient status – any donations over $2 are tax deductible and will help us educate caregivers and the broader community. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for regular safety tips and updates – happy reading and stay safe!

National Burns Awareness Month – Preventing Burns and Scalds in Children

burnsEight-year-old Kieran knows too well how easily a burn can occur in the kitchen. Two years ago when Kieran was 5, he was helping his mum cook porridge on the stove – when he leaned too close to the flame his pyjamas caught fire, resulting in a serious burn.

In Kieran’s case, his mother’s quick thinking prevented his injury from being much worse – she immediately patted out the fire, removed his clothes and then put him into the shower under cool running water for 20 minutes.

Due to the severity of his burns, Kieran was sedated and transported via air ambulance to The Royal Children’s Hospital where he underwent skin grafts and physical therapy to regain feeling in his burned torso.

Burn injuries can be traumatising and can have long lasting effects on the whole family. Luckily for Kieran, almost 2 years on from the incident he has recovered and is back to his active self – and still requests porridge for breakfast.

Statistics show that Kieran is not alone. Data from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) show that during 2016/17, nearly 1000 Australian and New Zealand children were admitted to a burns unit, with children aged 0-4 years most at risk. The kitchen is the most common location where incidents happen, with half of all child burn injuries occurring here.

On Tuesday the 4th of June, we held the official launch of National Burns Awareness Month (NBAM) at the Eastern Hill Fire Station along with representatives from The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Ambulance Victoria, Country Fire Authority, The Alfred Burns Unit and the Victorian Burns Prevention Partnership.

National Burns Awareness Month is an initiative run by Kidsafe Australia to raise awareness about the prevention and correct first aid treatment of burns and scalds. It is held at the beginning of winter in June each year as there is a significantly increased risk of burns during this time.

National Burns Awareness month

As part of NBAM we are encouraging parents and carers to undertake a home winter safety audit to ensure everyone can keep warm and safe – to help with the audit we have a handy burns safety checklist and burns safety brochures which can be downloaded from https://kidsafe.com.au/national-burns-awareness-month/

We also have free resources which can be downloaded and utilised to help you get involved in NBAM and show your support and will be conducting a range of activities including Facebook competitions, so keep an eye out and get involved and  help raise awareness!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness


Kidsafe Victoria was proud to support our friends at The Chase and Tyler Foundation with their launch of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week  (29th April – 5th May) at the Monash Children’s Hospital. The aim of the week was to raise awareness of gas and fuel-burning appliance safety across Australia, reducing illness, injury and death by unintentional CO poisoning.

Unfortunately there have been a number of CO poisoning recently. With winter now in its full midst and families using their heaters more often, it’s important that precautions are taken to reduce the risk of CO poisoning, including having  your gas and fuel-burning appliances tested regularly. For more info on CO poisoning and what you can do to reduce the risks, please visit The Chase and Tyler Foundation website.


Product Recalls

nubyNuby Australia — Nuby Silicone Ortho Pacifier 2 Pack 0-12m

The pacifier does not comply with the Australian mandatory standards. There is a concern that the shield could become lodged in a child’s throat and potentially cause a blockage in their air passage. Consumers should immediately stop using the pacifier and contact Nuby Australia to receive a replacement item. For further information, please click here.

sundvik change tableIKEA Pty Limited — SUNDVIK Change Table / Chest of Drawers

If safety locking fittings are not used according to the assembly instructions, the foldable part of product may come loose or may break at or near the change table hinge. If the change table comes loose or breaks at the hinge there is a risk that a child may fall and be injured. IKEA has received three reports of incidents where the foldable part has come loose and children have fallen off the changing table.

Consumers who have a SUNDVIK changing table / chest of drawers should secure the folding part with the safety locking fittings provided. The folding part should be locked in place the whole time that the product is used as a change table. When a child is past the nappy stage the product may be locked in place as a chest of drawers. If these fittings have been lost or misplaced, please contact IKEA to receive new fittings free of charge.  For further information, please click here.

fisher price rock n playMattel Pty Ltd — Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

This product is potentially dangerous if used without restraining the infant with the safety harness. Infants may roll from their backs to their stomach or side if unrestrained. There is a risk of suffocation if infants roll from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained. Consumers should immediately cease using the product and contact Mattel for a full refund. For further information, please click here.


childcare mason bedTarget Australia Pty Ltd — Childcare Mason Toddler Bed

This product has not been manufactured in accordance with Target’s safety and quality standards. The central support of this bed may collapse. There is a risk of falling if the bed collapses, resulting in possible injury. It is recommended that consumers stop using the product and return it to a Target or Target Country store as soon as possible. For further information, please click here.