June 1, 2018
Kidsafe Victoria e-news June 2018

Welcome to the June edition of Kidsafe Victoria’s e-news. It has been a busy month – we have partnered with the ACCC to release a powerful – but heart wrenching- video on furniture tipovers, it is National Burns Awareness Month and we’ll be sharing details of the upcoming Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards. It’s also tax time and we would LOVE you to consider donating to us and helping us make a safer world for kids. We’ll also provide you with the most recent product recalls. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for regular safety tips and updates – happy reading and stay safe!

Furniture tip over campaign

Kidsafe and the ACCC have partnered to launch a new campaign about the dangers of furniture and TV tip overs. Since 2001, 22 Australian children under the age of 9 have died from toppling furniture or televisions, with children under 3 at the greatest risk.

As part of the campaign, Tim and Kirstie have bravely shared the story of their son, Blake Shaw, who was killed when a freestanding bookcase fell on him in August 2016.

Kidsafe Victoria is encouraging parents and carers to check every room in their home – and other places like holiday homes – for toppling hazards and anchor furniture including bookcases, drawers and TV’s, to reduce the risk of tip over incidents.

For more information on the campaign, including tips and advice on purchasing and using furniture safely, please visit www.productsafety.gov.au/news/toppling-furniture-lessons-from-toddler-s-tragic-death


National Burns Awareness Month

During June, Kidsafe have been conducting a range of activities for National Burns Awareness Month, a campaign that raises awareness of the prevention and correct first aid measures to treat minor burns.

There are many burn and scald hazards in our homes and winter is a heightened time of risk as we look to escape the cold and keep warm. Some of the most common causes of burns and scalds in children include:

  • Hot beverages like tea and coffee
  • Hot water from a saucepan, kettle, jug/billy or urn
  • Hot food
  • Coals/ashes, particularly from campfires
  • Hot water from a tap/bath or shower, and;
  • Hot fat/oil

The home kitchen is the most common place where children suffer a burn or scald, with incidents commonly occurring when a child is near an adult who was preparing food or drink.

If a burn or scald injury does occur, the correct first aid treatment is to place the affected area under cool running water for 20 minutes – you should never place things like toothpaste, ice, butter or oil on the area as this can make the burn worse.

For more information about the prevention and treatment of minor burns, including a burn and scald home safety checklist, please visit our website.



National Playspace Design Awards

Entries are now open for Kidsafe’s National Playspace Design Awards which recognise excellence and innovation in the provision of safe, creative playspaces. The Awards are open to playground owners, service providers, design professionals, students, and landscapers from across Australia. The Awards aim to promote inspirational, innovative, best practice play facilities that encourage healthy participation in recreational activities for all children. 

To find out more, including the full judging criteria, please visit the Kidsafe Australia website.


Kidsafe Vic needs your help! 

As a not for profit organisation, we rely on generous donations to work towards our vision of ‘Making a safer world for kids’!

If you would like to help us make a safer world for kids, please consider donating to us this tax time. All donations $2 and above are tax deductible. You can donate online by clicking here, or you can make a donation by sending a cheque payable to Kidsafe VIC Inc to Monash Children’s Hospital, Lock Bag 29, Clayton South, VIC 3169. 

You can Donate to Kidsafe Here



Product Recalls


BIG W — Dymples Portacot

This product poses a risk of limb entrapment from the folding mechanism and  finger entrapment in the mesh fabric. This product may also become unstable and even tip over when subjected to a horizontal force. Consumers should stop using this product immediately and return the product to their place of purchase for a refund or credit.

If purchased online, consumers should contact the place of purchase for return and credit/refund information. For further information, please click here.



Danish by Design Pty Ltd — Troll Lukas Cot

Some cots manufactured on the 30.5.2017 were not fitted with mandatory consumer warnings labels. If the product does not have the required safety warnings it may not be used correctly, posing a risk of injury to the child. The cot poses an injury risk to a child if an incorrectly sized mattress is used, or the base is not at the correct position. Consumers should check the top surface of the mattress base, and if the warning stickers are absent, contact Danish by Design Pty Ltd to receive a new sticker and instructions on fixing it to your cot base. For further information, please click here.