March 5, 2014

Falling is a natural part of growing up – all children will fall as they learn to walk, climb and play. Some children may escape a fall with only minor cuts and bruises, however others are far more serious. Falls are the leading cause of hospital admission for Australian children.

Common injuries from falls include broken bones in the arms and legs, together with head injuries. Children are at risk of more serious injury if they fall from a height greater than 2 metres. The higher the fall, the more likely it is that the injury will be severe.

Common fall hazards in the home environment include:

  • Furniture and nursery products including change tables, high chairs, baby walkers, cots and prams.
  • Stairs
  • Windows and balconies
  • Backyard play equipment including trampolines, and;
  • Wheeled devices including bikes, skateboards and scooters

For more information on the prevention of falls in the home, please view the resources below.


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