October 6, 2014
Coping with a serious child injury

Experiencing a child injury often brings about a very unique set of feelings and emotions for parents, carers and those close to the child.

Everyone reacts differently, however it is common for parents and carers to feel a great sense of blame and guilt after their child is injured. These feelings are often linked to the expectation that as adults, it is our role to protect children from harm.

Other common emotions include anger (e.g. why has this happened to my child), fear (if the child will be alright and if the injury will cause any long term effects) and helplessness (because quite often the child’s physical wellbeing will now be largely in the hands of doctors and nurses).

This section provides links to a range of information, advice and strategies to assist parents, carers, siblings, family members and friends in the event of a serious child injury. Information is included about what to expect if you have to make a trip to the emergency department, what to expect if your child is admitted to hospital and how to assist your child to recover from their injury and settle back into their usual routines. Please click on the images below to access the relevant fact sheets and information.

 what to expect ED and HApreparing for discharge

Please note: This site is not intended to replace medical advice, but provide links to information, advice and support services. If you or someone you know is experiencing an emotional crisis, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (24 hour support).