March 21, 2013
Workplace Giving for Employees

Workplace giving to Kidsafe

Workplace giving is a simple, cost effective way for your organisation’s employees to support Kidsafe Victoria and allow us to plan for the future.

Workplace giving provides individual employees with the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of child safety and the prevention of childhood injury by donating a nominated amount from each pay before tax is calculated, and the donation will be sent directly to Kidsafe Victoria from your payroll system.

A small weekly amount donated by a number of employees can go a long way towards helping Kidsafe develop and expand our effective health promotion and education programs.

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way to donate to Kidsafe on a regular basis – and the donations really do make a difference.

Funds received through workplace giving helps Kidsafe to…           

  • Operate our Child Safety Advice Line: Kidsafe receives hundreds of calls each week from individuals and organisations seeking resources and advice.
  • Educate new parents: Kidsafe provides regular editorials for parenting publications including Mothers Matter and Essential Baby, as well as for
  • Develop and distribute resources: Kidsafe has a range of child injury prevention resources available for the public. This includes fact sheets, posters and playspace resource kits.
  • Manage our Community Speakers Bureau: Free community child injury prevention presentations provided to new parent groups.


Simple Steps to get started with your workplace giving program

  1. Speak to your management/payroll team about adding Kidsafe Victoria to your existing list of charities, or ask payroll to set the program up.
  2. Contact Kidsafe Victoria to notify us of your decision to support our organisation.
  3. Promote the program to your staff and encourage participation. If you hold a workplace giving fair as an internal event, we are happy to attend. We can also supply promotional posters and collateral to help you get started. You could also ask your management team if they are willing to encourage staff contributions by matching donations dollar for dollar.
  4. Deposit your donations via your payroll office to Kidsafe Victoria (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually).
  5. Keep Kidsafe Victoria updated on your organisational workplace giving program. Kidsafe Victoria is happy to help promote your organisation to our e-newsletter subscribers.

Tax benefits

Workplace giving donations are deducted from pre-tax employee salaries, which mean that individual taxable income is reduced. Kidsafe Victoria has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means that workplace giving contributions qualify for an immediate tax deduction.

For more information visit the Australian Taxation Office website

Further Information

To find out more about including Kidsafe Victoria as part of your workplace giving program email with your enquiry.