March 5, 2014
Vehicle blind spots

All cars have a blind spot, some up to more than 15 meters behind the vehicle, which can make it difficult to see a child. This means that any car can be involved in a driveway run over, not just larger vehicles such as four wheel drives, vans and trucks.

All cars have a blind spot

Reversing sensors and cameras can assist with reducing blind spots, however, even when these are used, it may still be difficult to notice a small child until it is too late. It is important not to become complacent when these devices are used. There is no adequate replacement for the active supervision of children by an adult.

The NRMA’s Reversing Visibility Index measures how well a driver can see out of the back of a car. To check the rating of your car, or to view the rating of a car you are thinking of purchasing, please visit the Reversing Visibility Index.