March 27, 2018
Top 5 Tips for Poisoning Prevention

Unintentional poisoning is one of the leading causes of injury and hospital admissions for children in Australia, with the greatest risk for those ages one to three years. Many common household products can be harmful to children, these include medications, cleaning products, dishwasher powder, fertilisers, pesticides, bleaches and cosmetics. Here are our top 5 tips for poisoning prevention:

1.      Store all poisons up high and out of reach

Always store all poisonous products at least 1.5 metres off the ground in a lockable cupboard. Ensure that medications and chemicals are stored in separate safe areas.

2.      Keep refrigerated medications separate from food products

If medicines need to be kept in the fridge, use a small, portable, lockable container for them.

3.      Always leave cleaning products and other chemicals in their original containers

Never transfer chemicals and detergents to other containers like soft drink bottles, keep them in their original packaging and make sure that they are clearly labelled.

4.      Wait to put dishwashing powder in the dishwasher when you are ready to put it on

Never prefill the dishwasher with dishwashing powder or liquid and ensure that the dishwasher door is kept closed to restrict curious kids’ access.

5.      Keep handbags out of reach of children

Many people keep products that can be dangerous to children in their handbags, this includes medications, cosmetics and perfumes. Make sure to keep handbags up high and out of reach of children and to remind guests to do so.

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