February 27, 2013
Speakers Bureau Program

The Kidsafe Victoria Speakers Bureau program has been providing presentations to new parents groups through Victoria’s Maternal and Child Health network since January 2008. The purpose of the program is to provide parents and carers with neutral, evidence based information on child safety and to facilitate parental uptake of prevention strategies in their homes.

The Speakers Bureau presentations are based on current injury data from the Monash Injury Research Institute (MIRI) and industry recommendations. The presentations are delivered by child safety professionals and specially trained mothers, and contain information on common child injury topics including:

  • Burns and scalds
  • Drowning and near drowning
  • Falls
  • Cuts and finger jams
  • Poisoning
  • Choking and suffocation
  • Dog bites and pet safety, and;
  • Road safety

Participants are provided with take home resource packs which contain information on a wide range of child injury prevention issues.

To book a Speakers Bureau presentation for your Maternal and Child Health Centre’s parents groups please contact Kidsafe Victoria on (03) 9036 2306 or via info@kidsafevic.com.au with your location and preferred dates/times for the presentation and we will endeavour to meet your request as closely as possible.