September 10, 2013
Safety for Our Little Fellas

Kidsafe Victoria, with the support of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, have adapted Kidsafe South Australia’s Child Safety resource kit to target Victorian Aboriginal parents and carers.

The ‘Safety for Our Little Fellas’ kit is designed to provide organisations and services with a tool to effectively engage Aboriginal parents and carers in learning and discussion about child injury prevention.


Flip Chart

alt flip chart can be downloaded here



alt Poster Burns and Scalds

alt Poster Car Seats and Driving

alt Poster Choking and Suffocation

alt Poster Drowning

alt Poster Safe Sleeping


Fact Sheets

alt Burns and Scalds

alt Car Seats and Driving

alt Choking and Suffocation

alt Drowning

alt Falls

alt Poisioning

alt Safe Sleeping

alt Supervision – 6 pages


For more information on the Safety for Our Little Fellas kit or to order a hard copy for your organisation/service, please contact us via