February 6, 2013
Preschool & School Safety

Schools are the second most common location for childhood injury after the home. It is not just at school where injuries can occur, but also on the way to and from school.

Whether children travel to school by car, public transport, walking or riding, it is important that they do so safely. For tips on transporting children safely in cars and pedestrian safety, please visit the road safety section of our website. For information on the Walking School Bus program and tips on establishing a sustaining walking school bus, please visit the VicHealth website.

It is important that children participate in sports and physical activity; participation will assist children to develop skills such as coordination and balance, while also helping to keep them active and healthy. For useful information on how to prevent sports injury and keep your kids active, please visit the Smartplay website.


Safety Island
Kidsafe Western Australia’s Safety Island is an interactive website just for kids! There are a range of fantastic activities for children from kindergarten to year 7 that can be done at home or at school.

To enter Safety Island please click on the image below.