December 12, 2014
No Helmet No Ride Competition - 2014 Winners

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Kidsafe Victoria’s ‘No Helmet, No Ride’ competition is designed to provide an interactive way for children to learn about the importance of always wearing a helmet when riding a wheeled device. In 2014 the competition called on primary school students to create a video, radio ad or illustrated story around the theme ‘No Helmet, No Ride’. 

A big thank you to all of the students and schools who participated in the competition – we received a large number of entries, all of which displayed how creative Victoria’s primary school children are!

To check out the winning entries, please click on the icons below…. and remember ‘No Helmet, No Ride’!

Create a video

Prep – Grade 3

NHNR video 1st p-3   NHNR video 2nd p-3   NHNR video 3rd p-3

Grade 4 – 6

NHNR video 1st 4-6     NHNR video 2nd 4-6   NHNR video 3rd 4-6 


Create a radio ad

Prep – Grade 3

NHNR radio 1st p-3   NHNR radio 2nd p-3   NHNR radio 3rd p-3

Grade 4 – 6

NHNR radio 1st 4-6   NHNR radio 2nd 4-6   NHNR radio 3rd 4-6


Create an illustrated story

Prep – Grade 3

NHNR story 1st p-3   NHNR story 2nd p-3   NHNR story 3rd p-3

Grade 4-6

NHNR story 1st 4-6   NHNR story 2nd 4-6   NHNR story 3rd 4-6


Competition Supporters

A big thank you to the following organisations who provided prizes for the winning entrants – we are sure that all of the students will have great fun with their prizes! To find out more about these organisations, please click on their logos below.

Rosebank logo web


 Halls outdoor education web                           RH sports logo MRC logo web  Bounce logo web