October 24, 2017
National Kidsafe Day

The aim of National Kidsafe Day is to increase awareness of unintentional childhood injuries and their prevention. The annual day also highlights the valuable work of Kidsafe Australia in public education, advocacy and research into the causes and prevention of unintentional childhood injuries.


National Kidsafe Day, Tuesday 23rd October 2018 – Split Second Campaign

The key message this National Kidsafe Day – 23 October 2018 – is that ‘child safety is no accident.’ The majority of serious injuries that can change lives in just a split second, are preventable.
A cup of hot tea or coffee left in reach of a child; backyard swimming pool gates left open; household cleaners found under the sink; handbags containing medications; a car reversing out of a driveway and accessible button batteries are some of the hazards that can change the life of a family in the blink of an eye.

“The doctor said that if it had been just a few centimetres either way it would have got me right across the neck and broken my neck.”

Read about Lauren Phillips’ near miss as a child when a bookshelf fell on her by clicking here and make sure you secure any loose furniture in your home this National Kidsafe Day.


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For more information, please visit https://kidsafe.com.au/national-kidsafe-day/ or click on the links below: