November 29, 2021
Kidsafe Victoria E-News November 2021

It’s hard to believe that Melbourne has only been open for a few short weeks and that the festive season is just around the corner. It has been refreshing to have visitors, playdates and from our perspective at Kidsafe – to re-commence our accredited child car restraint training and community organisation education sessions.

Last week we launched a billboard campaign with our friends at Bella’s Footprints as a reminder to all families to be button battery aware particularly at this time of year when buying or receiving presents and cards.

We recently released new programs specifically for councils, which play such a significant role in reducing childhood injuries. Please take a look and contact us if you’d like to find out more.

We are also very pleased that our ‘Safe Seats Safe Kids’ free child car restraint fitting and safety check program is back in full swing – book your spot here.

Lastly, for those planning trips away over the upcoming holidays, please download an use our home safety checklist. It’s great to have on hand to use when you’re staying at holiday homes, rentals or Airbnb (as well as for those with new bubs coming home).

Don’t forget to slow down and take care of yourself in the wind down period of the year. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with our latest tips and advice.


Child Car Restraint E-Learning Tool

Transport related injuries are one of the leading causes of death and hospitalisation for Aussie kids under 14 years of age. Child car restraints and booster seats play an important role in keeping children safe in the car, however they can sometimes be tricky to install if you haven’t been shown how to do so.

We’ve been developing something we’re pretty excited about, and want to give you all a small sneak peek today – the Safe Seats, Safe Kids E-Learning Tool for parents and carers.

The e-learning tool has easy to follow videos, tips and advice to help you safely transport your children safely on every trip. It includes information tailored to the age of your child/ren, including tips on choosing the correct type and size of car restraints, properly fitting it to your vehicle, and learning how to adjust and fasten it to suit your child as they grow.

Click here to sign up and start using the e-learning tool.

You can also subscribe to receive notifications about Safe Seats, Safe Kids free child car restraint fitting and checking days happening in your area here.


Deadly warning on button batteries launched in Torquay on the eve of Isabella Rees’ eighth birthday

This month is particularly significant for Allison Rees. On Saturday 27th November, it would’ve been little Bella’s 8th birthday. But sadly, she passed away at 14-months-old from ingesting a button battery. Bella is one of three Australian children who have died due to a button battery related injury since 2013. Every week in Australia, an alarming 20 children present to hospital emergency departments with button battery related injuries.

We were proud to collaborate with Bella’s Footprints Foundation to launch a button battery billboard campaign in Torquay this month with a warning about this deadly common household item.

They can cause such horrific injuries – the charge from a battery causes a chemical reaction that can burn through the oesophagus in as little as two hours, resulting in severe life-threatening injuries and in some cases death. Even a flat battery can cause internal damage

It’s now that time of year when many of us will be out buying cards and presents for our friends and families. We urge you to check every item that you give or receive for a button battery. Anything that lights up or makes a sound will likely use one.

Learn more about how to keep the little ones in your lives safe from button battery injuries here:

Read the press release about the billboard launch here



The Burn You Never Saw Coming

When thinking about preventing burns, the potential hazards that come to mind for most are usually fire and heat sources such as stovetops, boiling water, hot food or drink and anything with a flame. But friction can also create painful burns as Mum of three, Bianca, discovered.

Bianca is sharing her story about the seemingly unlikely source of her one year old daughter Daisy’s friction burn in the hope that it will prevent other families experiencing similar incidents.

“I heard the scream no parent likes hearing, which automatically told me something serious was wrong and she was scared or in pain. I ran over and managed to free her feet with some force”, Mum Bianca recounted.

Read Daisy’s story



Transurban Car Seat Safety Webinar

Just in time for restrictions easing in Victoria and across the country, a panel of experts from Transurban, Neuroscience Research Australia, and Kidsafe – including our very own CEO Melanie Courtney – hosted the Car Seat Safety Webinar with a focus on safe school holiday travel with children.

Held on November 17th, the panel discussed key steps for safe travel with kids, the types of child car restraints available, their correct installation and use, the stages of ‘graduating’ kids to the next seat, and how to safely transport children in ride-share services.

If you missed out on watching the live webinar, you can watch the recording for free here.



Baby Safety Month

November is ‘Baby Safety Month’ – a four-week focus on the safety needs of infants.

It’s the first time Australia has been part of this global initiative, led by the country’s peak body for infant safety guidelines, the Infant and Nursery Products Alliance of Australia (INPAA).

Kidsafe are proud to partner with INPAA during Baby Safety Month to increase awareness of safety issues surrounding the use and selection of baby products, and empower parents to create a baby-safe environment.

“The African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ has never been truer than it is now and we’re aiming to connect a community that has been further challenged by COVID-19,” said INPAA Director, Tim Wain.

If you haven’t already seen the webinars, which include a range of information and advice on topics such as safety around the home and getting out and about with bub, please head to our Facebook page to watch a free recording.

A free guide for parents and carers
To make the latest and best information available easily, Baby Safety Month is launching a free digital guide called Tribe, which can be downloaded via

View simple safety tips in and around the home for each stage of your bubs development here:


Kidsafe in the News

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Product Recalls



Kaleidoscope Australasia Pty Ltd – Tender Leaf Toys Audio Sensory Tray

This toy set does not comply with mandatory safety standards for children under 36 months of age, and contains an internal metal bell and steel pin that may detach and pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.

For more information please click here.






CleverLittleKoalas – Wooden Bear Rattle

This rattle does not meet shape and size requirements, and poses a potential choking or suffocation hazard to young children.

For more information please click here.





Australia Post – Nice & Nifty Sports Car Night Light

The button battery compartment on the packaging’s ‘try me’ button may not be properly secured and may be easily accessible by children, which can cause severe internal injuries if swallowed.

For more information please click here.



Other product recalls this month include:

Mattel Pty Ltd – Fisher Price Dots and Spots Puppy Deluxe Swing Plug-in Adaptor – Electric Shock
Davric Australia Pty Ltd – Cool Shooting Soft Bullet Gun Toy – Lacks Safety Warning Labels


To keep up to date with all product recalls, please follow ACCC Product Safety on Facebook.