March 25, 2021
Kidsafe Victoria E-News March 2021

It’s hard to believe how fast 2021 has flown and that Easter and school holidays are almost here.

Earlier this month we were excited to get together as a team with our Board for a 2 day planning session in Geelong. It was a rare opportunity to gather in person, step back and have strategic conversations about how we can reduce child injury longer term with our limited resources.

We are also thrilled to announce that our office at the Monash Children’s Hospital is about to re-open. While there are still restrictions in place for visitors at the hospital, it means staff and families can again come by in person to ask us any questions and pick up resources.

School holidays are just around the corner – a time to make sure you keep an eye out and put measures in place to protect your kids from any hazards around the homes you will be spending time in, and also to check that your child car restraints are adjusted correctly before heading out on the roads. Easter is also traditionally a time where we see an increase in burns from campfires – please check out our safety tips here.

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A mother’s instinct and a fall that changed lives

Children will endure more than a bump or two in their lifetime as they explore the world around them. It’s a part of growing up.

However, falls can also lead to serious and lifelong injuries. In this month’s blog, brave Mum Michelle shares her story of how one incident changed her life forever.

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Second-hand nursery furniture safety checklist

There are a lot of expenses involved when it comes to starting a family and keeping up with constantly growing children. Sometimes borrowing the big expensive items from a friend or family member, or purchasing them second-hand, can really help the budget.

If you’re considering choosing second-hand furniture for your bubs nursery, it’s important to consider the safety of the products. Just because these items have been used by someone else doesn’t mean that they are safe. They may no longer meet the relevant Australian standards, have sustained some wear and tear over the years or they may be missing some of the original parts.

To help you keep your little one safe, we have put together a list of tips to consider before you buy or accept second-hand items.


  • Does it come with an instruction manual?
  • Is the product in good condition and does it have all of the required parts listed in the manual?
  • Has it had any modifications which could make it unsafe?
  • Is it sturdy and stable?
  • Does it meet the current mandatory Australian Standard for the product (if it has one) and have all of the required safety labels / features? It is also a good idea to check the ACCC Product Safety website to make sure the product hasn’t been recalled.
  • Does it come with safety anchors (e.g. for a chest of draws, bookcase or shelf) or do these have to be purchased separately?

We recommend checking the product in person where you can physically see, touch and test everything that you need to. It can be hard to tell if the product is safe just from looking at a photo, so caution should always be taken if buying second-hand items from an ad in the newspaper or online.

For further information on what to look out for when buying or choosing your nursery furniture, as well as some tips on setting up and using these products safely, please head to the Product Safety section on our website.


2021 Farm Safety Competition Launch – “Think Farm Safe, Be Farm Safe”

We are excited to announce that our Farm Safety Creative Competition has returned for 2021!

The competition invites all Prep to Year 6 primary school students from across Victoria to draw on their creativity to design educational materials including videos, posters, illustrated stories, collages, radio ads or inventions to help promote messages about keeping safe on the farm.

With a brand new theme for this year – ‘Think Farm Safe, Be Farm Safe’, the competition encourages children to take the time to stop and think about the potential injury hazards that exist in farm environments and to ensure that safety is kept front of mind at all times when visiting or living on a farm.

Competition entries can be completed individually, in teams or as a whole class – with a range of great prizes up for grabs for both students and participating schools!

We look forward to receiving all of your creative entries!

To find out more details about the competition and how to enter, please visit:


Can you leave a legacy that will help to keep kids safe?

Every week across the country, 3 children are killed from preventable injuries. Kidsafe Victoria exists to prevent these tragedies.


By leaving a gift to Kidsafe Victoria in your will, you can make a profound difference to the lives of Victorian children and their families.

Your gift will enable us to:

  • Continue to develop and implement our innovative child injury prevention programs and campaigns
  • Ensure that all families across the state have access to our resources and programs
  • Support bereaved parents and communities to create impactful legacy programs

All gifts – however great or small – are greatly valued and significantly help us in our mission to make a safer world for kids.

To donate, please click here or call us on 03 9036 2306


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Product Recalls



Playgro Pty Ltd – Clip Clop and Clopette Activity Rattles

The rings can detach from the back of the toy horses and release the beads, which can pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.

For more information please click here.




Rommer Pty Ltd – Rommer Silicone Spoon

The internal steel rods in these spoons have been placed incorrectly, creating a weak point at the neck. If the head tears or completely snaps off and exposes the internal metal, it can cause injury or pose a choking hazard.

For more information please click here




Tobil & Co Pty Ltd – iCandy Mi Chair Children’s High Chair

This highchair may develop cracks near bolt attachments, potentially separating the seat from the legs of the chair. This could result in the highchair collapsing, and pose a serious injury risk to children.

For more information please click here.