March 30, 2020
Kidsafe Victoria E-News March 2020

The world as we know it has entered into unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic – our thoughts go out to all those who have been impacted. Whilst we are in a period of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that we all have a role to play in ensuring the health and safety of our community – please be kind, respectful and considerate to others and ensure that the Aussie spirit of helping out those in need, is still strong.

With school holidays here and more of us working and spending extended periods in our homes, this month we bring you a home safety blog which provides practical tips and advice to help you identify and address potential child injury hazards in and around your home. We also have an update on our ‘Safe Seats, Safe Kids’ program which includes the indefinite postponement of events, the latest product recalls and some temporary changes to our office and operations.

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Kidsafe Victoria Operational Update

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our Community Support Centre at the Monash Children’s Hospital will be temporarily closed. Don’t worry, our friendly team will still be working hard to provide you with information and advice on a range of childhood injury prevention issues! It may just take a little longer for us to reply, so thanks for your patience.

We will be primarily working from home but are also grateful to our friends at the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria who have kindly donated us some office space for some of our team to work from when restrictions ease.

If you do need to contact us you can email or you can leave a voicemail message by calling (03) 9036 2306. Our facebook page will be updated regularly and resources are available on our website – stay tuned for some other activities that we are planning to ensure you are kept updated on all of the latest in childhood injury prevention too!

Did you know that the home is the most common location where children are injured?

Photo: Canva

If you were asked to name the place where the majority of childhood injuries occur, what would your response be? You maybe surprised to know that it is actually the home. With the current COVID-19 situation families will be spending more and more time at home as we all practice social distancing and juggle working from home with kids, so now is the perfect time to think about what you can do to make your home ‘Kidsafe’.

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‘Safe Seats, Safe Kids’ Program Update

To ensure the safety and well being of everyone – especially the most vulnerable in our communities – we have made the difficult decision to postpone all public fitting and safety checking events indefinitely, due to the COVID-19 situation. We will continually re-evaluate and follow the guidance of the World Health Organization and government, to plan the recommencement of the program.

Prior to this decision, it was a busy first few weeks for the program with checking events held in Sorrento, Langwarrin, Point Cook, Truganina, Malvern, Eltham, Norlane, Daylesford, Sunbury, Wyndham and Morwell. These events were well received by families and were fully booked in most instances.
Whilst we are disappointed to temporarily interrupt the program, we will have a range of information, education and advice available on the program Facebook page and website, to help you ensure your children are travelling in a correctly installed and used child car restraint or booster seat. Please join our online community to keep informed and updated, including updates on when the program will recommence.

If you need a child car restraint installed or checked, you can search for a local fitter in your area through ‘Find a Fitter’, our online listing of professional child restraint fitters in Victoria.


Teaching Children to Wash Hands Correctly

Maintaining tip top hygiene habits is vital to teach our kids at all times, however, now more than ever, it’s even more important with experts stressing the importance of methods such as hand washing to stop the spread of the virus.
Below are a few handy resources to help you teach and have discussions with your kids, both about the importance of hygiene and the overall situation with COVID-19.

  • The Department of Health and Human Services have a range of information and advice, including handy ‘washing your hands’ and ‘covering your cough or sneeze’ posters.
  • Taz from Ambulance Victoria provides some tips on how to discuss COVID-19 with children in this Facebook video.
  • TV wonder dog Bluey helps kids learn hand washing hygiene – with a Sing-A-Long Hand Washing Poster to download.
  • A creative experiment to show how washing hands can help prevent the spread of germs, by teacher Amanda Lorenzo via an Instagram clip.
  • New Zealand teacher Dr Michelle Dickinson has a great explanation of coronavirus designed for children on her YouTube channel.
  • Visit blogs like Kiddipedia or My Child for ideas on keeping the kids entertained while at home.
  • Sydney Morning Herald article answering kids’ coronavirus questions, checked by Dr Louise Newman, a psychiatry professor at the University of Melbourne.

Dangers of E-liquids and Nicotine Poisoning for Children

E-liquids, also commonly known as e-juice or vape juice, have grown in popularity in recent years with the rise in the number of people using e-cigarettes. Many people are unaware that nicotine is a poisonous substance that can cause serious illness and even death. Children are especially vulnerable as they may be attracted to the different colours and flavours of e-liquids, thinking they are drinks or lollies.

E-liquids vials are not always accurately labelled – even products that are labelled nicotine free can contain a range of potentially harmful chemicals, including nicotine. There is also a risk that e-cigarettes and their components can present a choking hazard for young children.
If you suspect a child has swallowed liquid from an e-cigarette, call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 immediately. If they have collapsed, stopped breathing, are having a fit or an anaphylactic reaction, ring triple zero (000) for an ambulance.

To help prevent poisoning from e-liquids:

  • Keep e-cigarette devices and e-liquids locked away in cupboards where children cannot see or reach them.
  • Avoid mixing e-liquids or filling e-cigarettes when children are around.
  • Do not use or discard e-cigarettes in front of children.More information about e-cigarettes and e-liquids is available on the Better Health Channel.

Product Recalls

Target Australia Pty Ltd —Christmas Wishes” Children’s Jewellery
The charms that are attached to the jewellery contain high levels of cadmium, which is linked to serious adverse health effects.
For further information, please click here.






Little Knick Knacks — Croc Family Bath Toys
The product does not comply with the requirements of the mandatory standard. The squeaker and the size of the mini crocodile heads may pose a choking or suffocation hazard for young children.
For further information, please click here