June 24, 2021
Kidsafe Victoria E-News June 2021

While the end of June marks the conclusion of National Burns Awareness month, the cold winter weather is here to stay for another couple of months. Don’t forget to check out our wealth of tips regarding Burns prevention and treatment, as well as downloading our Burns Safety Checklist.

As we approach the end of the financial year, we’re seeking your support. A lot of people have done it tough over the last 15 months, but if you are in a position to, we would really appreciate your support in three ways:

1. Check out our campaign about ‘Nothing is Everything’. Because when nothing happens, there’s everything to celebrate.

2. Donate $32 by 30th June – that’s $1 for every child who died last year due to preventable injuries.

3. Share this email with your friends and family. The more awareness we can generate, the more funds we can raise, the more lives we can save. It is that simple.

Any generosity is greatly appreciated.

For those going away over the school holidays, take care on the roads and make sure you buckle up before every trip. If you’re not sure if your child’s car restraint is correctly installed or adjusted, feel free to book into one of our free child car restraint fitting and safety check days here.

Take care and stay safe! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with our latest tips and advice.


3 stories of life-long burn and scald injuries

Did you know that the home is the most common location where childhood burn and scald injuries occur?

Burns and scalds are among the most traumatising injuries that children can receive – they cause intense pain, with children often needing long-term treatment.

This month we’re sharing the stories about three children – each who tragically suffered a painful burn injury in their home. Their families are bravely sharing their experience to help warn other parents, carers and children about how quickly burns and scalds can occur.

Milla was just eight years old when she suffered severe burns to her lower body after a bowl of instant noodles tipped onto her lap.

Read Milla’s scald story


In September last year, 2-year-old Gracie suffered significant burns to 40% of her body. Thankfully, Gracie survived. But she still suffers nightmares, undergoes regular operations to repair her skin, and can’t go out in the sunshine.

Read Gracie’s burn story


Shennel was only eight years old when she sustained third degree burns to over 40% of her body following an incident at home with a candle.

Read Shennel’s burn story

$32 for the 32 lives lost in 2020

Last year, 32 Victorian children – one every 11 days – died from unintentional and preventable injuries. That’s 32 futures lost and 32 families whose lives were forever changed.

We would love your support of a $32 donation to help save future lives.

A donation of $32 can help us to raise awareness of childhood injury, support our safety campaigns and programs, and help us continue to empower families with the knowledge and practical skills to keep kids safe.

We are aiming to raise $3,200 by the 30th June.

Any generosity is greatly appreciated.

Make a difference before 30th June


Preventing Burns and Scalds this Winter

When the winter months arrive, a lot of us look towards hot drinks, hot food, a nice warm bath, or cosying up by an open fire to help keep warm and dry. While all of these bring a sense of comfort, they can also pose a risk of burns and scalds, particularly to those who are most vulnerable – children.

June is National Burns Awareness Month, an initiative run by Kidsafe Australia in partnership with the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA), to drive greater awareness among the community of the prevention and the correct first aid treatment for burns.

Common burn and scald hazards for children include hot drinks and food, hot water, household heaters and fires, treadmills, vehicle exhausts and appliances such as irons and hair straighteners.

To help you to identify and reduce the risk posed by a range of common household burn and scald hazards, we have developed a free Burns Safety Checklist.

If a burn does occur, it is important to remember to…

  • Remove – remove yourself from danger. Remove any clothing and jewellery from the burn area unless well stuck to the skin
  • Cool – place the burn under cool running water for twenty minutes. Never use items like ice, oil or butter on a burn as these can make it worse
  • Cover the burn with a clean dressing
  • Seek medical attention if the burn or scald is on the face, hands, feet, genitals or buttocks, is larger than a 20-cent coin or blistered.

For more information about burns prevention and National Burns Awareness Month, please visit Kidsafe Australia.


National Burns Awareness Month – Grant recipients

To encourage organisations to become involved in National Burns Awareness Month, Kidsafe Australia awarded eight not-for-profit organisations, community organisations, hospitals, schools and early childhood centres grants up to $1,000 to support them to deliver a project to promote burns prevention and/or burns first aid in June.

Grants are being utilised to develop promotional materials, educational seminars, videos, engaging educational activities and even host a first aid course to promote burns awareness in the community.

Follow our grant recipients and learn more about how you can prevent burns this winter:

Fiona Wood Foundation (WA) @FionaWoodFoundation
Fusion Australia (VIC) @FusionAustraliaLtd
Gowrie Victoria (VIC) @gowrievictoria
Monash Children’s Hospital (VIC) @monashchildrens
Royal Darwin Hospital (NT)
Royal Hobart Hospital Burns Clinic (TAS)
South Burnett Western Performance Club (QLD)
Queen Elizabeth Centre (VIC) @theqec

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Product Recalls



Halcyon Nights – Baby Sleep Pouch

The neck opening in these sleeping bags is larger than necessary, which could allow the pouch to be pulled over an infant’s head, posing a potential entrapment, suffocation and overheating hazard.

For more information please click here.



Pharmrec Trading Pty Ltd – Mammakiddies Car Booster Seat

These booster seats do not meet the requirements of the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Protection Notice No. 3 of 2014 – Child restraint systems for use in motor vehicles’.

For more information please click here.



CamelBak Products LLC — CamelBak Podium and Peak Fitness Water Bottle Caps

The small silicone valve in the cap of affected CamelBak water bottles may separate from the cap, which could pose a choking hazard to children.

For more information please click here.



Globeworks Pty Ltd — Kids Licensed Paw Patrol Digital Watch

The battery compartments on these Paw Patrol watches may not be adequately secured and the batteries may be easily accessible.

If children access and ingest button batteries, they can suffer serious internal injuries or death.

For more information please click here.




Other product recalls this month include:

Pet Pacific Pty Ltd — Catit 2.0 Senses Fireball – Button Battery hazard
TJX Australia Pty Ltd — Infant Sleep Bags – Entrapment hazard
The Custom Baby — Customisable Dummy Chain and Teether Sets – Strangulation hazard

To keep up to date with all product recalls, please follow ACCC Product Safety on Facebook.