December 18, 2019
Kidsafe Victoria e-news December 2019

With Christmas on our doorstep, the team at Kidsafe Vic are busier than ever thanks to a successful 2019.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and readership.  Our office will be closed from Monday the 23rd December until Monday the 6th of January. If you have any queries during this time, please email and we will respond when we return.

In the meantime, keep following our Facebook page for helpful tips and advice over the Christmas break!  Merry Christmas to all and we hope you and your family have a safe and happy New Year!

Pictured: Holly & Sisuoda from Kidsafe Victoria with Elf on the Shelf. 

The Sun Can Turn Any Car Into an Oven – Do Not Leave Children in Cars Campaign

With the busy Christmas shopping period in full swing and summer temperatures starting to climb, we launched our annual ‘Do Not Leave Children Unattended in Cars’ campaign at the Monash Children’s Hospital, to remind the public about the dangers of leaving children unattended in a car.

The temperature inside a parked car can be 20-30 degrees hotter than outside – on a typical summer day, that means the temperature inside a parked car can be over 60 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Children are particularly at risk because they can lose fluid quickly, become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke, which can be fatal.

A key focus of our campaign is the installation of ‘Do Not Leave Children in Cars’ car park warning signs, which are ideally suited for car parks at early childhood centres, shopping/cafe strips, sporting facilities and aquatic centres.


  • If you have to leave the car, even to run a quick errand – take the children with you.
  • Look before you lock. Get into the habit of opening the back door and checking the back seat to assure that everyone is out of the car.
  • Place something in the back seat such as a bag, briefcase, or another item that you will need to take with you when you get out of the car, as a reminder that there is a child in the back seat.
  • Lock cars and secure keys when at home to prevent children playing inside the car.
  • When out and about, keep your keys with you at all times (avoid giving them to the kids to play with!) to reduce the risk of children getting accidentally locked inside the car with the keys.

To find out more about the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars and to access resources including videos, fact sheets and order forms for our car park warning signs, please visit our website.



New Laws to Improve Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Effective from 1st December 2019

New laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria on the 1st December 2019.

As part of the changes, owners are required to register their pool or spa with their local council by June 1st 2020 – you can contact your local council for more information on how to register.

An inspection system has also been introduced as part of the new laws – this will require owners to arrange an inspection of their safety barrier to determine if it is compliant, once every four years. The deadlines for inspection and lodgement of certificate of barrier compliance are staggered based on the date your pool or spa was installed – further information on the deadlines can be accessed via the VBA website.

While pool and spa barriers help to keep children safe, it’s important that they aren’t relied upon on their own to prevent drowning incidents. Your backyard pool defence should be made up of a number of actions, including active adult supervision of children in and around water, water familiarisation and swimming lessons and first aid knowledge, to help ensure your family has a fun and safe summer.

To find out more about setting your backyard pool defence and to access resources including pool and spa barrier checklists, please visit our ‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ campaign website page.


Blog Post – Don’t Ruin Your Christmas with a Visit to the Emergency Department

Christmas is an exciting time, however  it is also a season which poses many potential injury hazards.

To help keep your little ones safe we have listed some practical tips for busy parents and carers to be aware of in the home, around water, on the road and at play, to ensure that your family has a safe and happy festive season. To read more about our Christmas safety tips, follow this link to our blog.


Staying Safe on the Road These Holidays

Summer holidays often mean loading up the car and heading away with the family to make the most of the break. Before you head off on your trip, it’s important to check and plan a few things to help ensure it is a fun and safe journey.

Summer Holiday Travelling Tips

  • Plan ahead, including what route you will take, what time of the day you will travel and where you can stop along the way to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs. The SES have Driver Reviver stations set up across the state where you can stop and refresh with a cuppa and a snack.
  • Buckle up – seatbelts and child car restraints save lives, so it’s important to ensure everyone is buckled up correctly before you leave. Children should be seated in a child car restraint that is correct for their size/age, correctly installed into the vehicle and adjusted to fit them properly. Check out some tips here on what to check to assist in ensuring your child’s restraint is correctly installed and adjusted.
  • Keep the kids busy and entertained with activities such as games, colouring in, stories or watching a movie.
  • If it’s hot, dress kids in lightweight clothing to help keep them cool. Sunshades can also be used on car windows to protect children from the sun.

Safe travels!


Product Recalls

Best & Less — Emoticon Puffer Ball

The cord can stretch and may wind around a child’s neck and pose a risk of strangulation. You should stop using the product immediately and return it for a full refund. For further information.



Peach and Pumpkins — Mambo Waterproof Newborn Neck Ring (0-1 Year)

The product does not comply with marking requirements of the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Goods (Swimming and Flotation Aids) Safety Standard 2017’ meaning users may not be aware of important safety information. If you have this product you should stop using it and return for a full refund. For further information.




Emergency Cars 3-Pack – Sold online at,, and eBay

The product does not comply with Consumer Product Safety Standard for Toys for children up to and including 36 months of age’. The products may pose potential choking or suffocation hazards for young children. You should stop using this product immediately and contact for a refund. For further information.