April 1, 2014
Kidsafe Victoria e-news April 2014

Welcome to the April edition of Kidsafe’s e-news.

In this edition you’ll find information about child poisoning, pedestrian safety, nursery furniture safety and some recent product recalls.

If you have just subscribed with us, we hope we can provide you with some useful information for keeping your kids safe. We would also like to congratulate Caroline Mahoney for winning our competition at the recent Baby and Toddler Show. She will be receiving a brand new capsule from Britax. Congratulations Caroline!

Stay safe and happy reading!

From, the team at Kidsafe Victoria


2014april-poisonUnintentional poisoning is a major cause of injury for children in Australia, with many common household items posing harmful risks to curious children.  Substances that are most commonly involved in child poisoning include over the counter medications such as paracetamol and cough and cold remedies, prescriptive medicines such as antidepressants and oral contraceptive pills and cleaning agents such as bleach, disinfectants and detergents.

How many of these products do you have in your house?

There are some simple steps that you can take to reduce the risk of child poisoning in your home, including:

  • Storing all poisonous products out of sight and reach of children, at least 1.5 metres off the ground in a lockable cupboard.
  • Keep all chemicals and poisons in original containers. Transferring them into other containers such as soft drink bottles that might make them look more appealing to kids. 
  • Never refer to medication as lollies, as this might also confuse children.
  • Remember to keep handbags out of reach of children, as these can often contain medications and poisonous cosmetics.

If you think your child has ingested a poisonous substance, pick up the product container and take it with you to the phone. Call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for advice on what to do next. Never try to induce vomiting.

For more information on how to keep your kids safe from poisoning, please visit http://www.kidsafevic.com.au/home-safety/poisoning.

Pedestrian Safety

2014april-40With term two now underway, it is important to focus on keeping children safe around our roads, especially around schools at drop off and pick up times.

Child pedestrians have an increased risk of injury because they are less equipped to cope with traffic situations.

To keep your kids safe, ensure to always supervise them around roads, driveways and car parks. Set a good example by always crossing at the traffic lights or designated pedestrian crossing and explain to your children why this is important.

Remember to take extra care when driving through school areas, including sticking to the 40km school zones which will now be back in effect.

For more information on pedestrian safety, please visit http://www.kidsafevic.com.au/road-safety/pedestrian-safety

Nursery Furniture Safety

2014april-NurseryWhen you’re expecting a child, there are a number of things you should consider when purchasing nursery furniture…. the most important consideration is the safety of the product.

Many Australian children are hospitalised each year as a result of injury involving nursery products. When purchasing nursery items, it is important to ensure that they meet the mandatory standards in Australia. The ACCC has a useful resource, Keeping Baby Safe, which provides information on purchasing infant and nursery products. 

Once you purchase a product, make sure you follow any warnings or instructions for use and ensure that children are always supervised while using the product.


More information on nursery furniture safety can be found at http://www.kidsafevic.com.au/home-safety/nursery-furniture-safety

Kidsafe Victoria Project/Admin Officer – Part Time Position

Kidsafe Victoria is seeking a part time Project Officer on an initial 12 month contract to join our small team. The successful candidate will be responsible for the provision of project and administrative support to ensure projects and the office run efficiently. For further information please visit http://dev.kidsafevic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Kidsafe_Vic_Project_Officer_PD_14.5.14.pdf


Product recalls

2014april-recall1Phil & teds- TS26 Car Seat Adaptor

Certain Conditions may cause the adaptor to break on impact, causing the car seat to dislodge or fall from the stroller.

Consumers of the TS26 adaptor should cease use immediately and register online at www.philandteds.com/support to receive a free replacement.




2014april-recall2Target Australia Pty Ltd- Racoon, Owl and Frog – Baby 3 Piece Set

The three piece sets do not have a low fire warning label and therefore do not comply with the mandatory standard for children’s sleepwear and limited daywear.

Consumers should return this product to their nearest Target or Country Target store to receive a full refund.




2014april-recall3tigeRoy kids- tigeRoy Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag

The bag is not fitted with a child restraint slide fastener at each opening, which may allow young children to access the polystyrene beads, causing a potential choking hazard.

Consumers of the bean bag are advised to remove the inner and outer zipper with pliers, and contact tigeRoy Kids on 03 9509 1098 to receive a warning label.