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Fire safety/burns and scalds

Fire safety

The most common causes of house fires include:

  • Unattended cooking
  • Electrical faults from faulty appliances and faulty wiring
  • Home heating
  • Smoking
  • Candles and oil burners

Smoke alarms are compulsory in all Victorian homes. It is the legal responsibility of all owners and landlords to install working smoke alarms. Remember, smoke alarms need to be regularly tested and maintained – only a working smoke alarm can save lives.

The CFA have some useful information, including a home fire safety checklist that can be accessed via http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/home-fire-safety-checklist/.


Burns and scalds

Burns and scalds are a major cause of serious injury for children. They are among the most distressing injuries that a young child can receive - they cause intense pain, often require long-term treatment and can cause lifelong disabilities and scarring.

The major causes of burn and scald injuries include hot water (e.g. in the bath), hot liquids (e.g. tea and coffee), hot food (e.g. two minute noodles and soups) and electrical appliances (e.g. heaters).

First Aid tip
Immediately put all burns or scalds under cool running water for 20 minutes. It takes this long to cool the skin under the burned/scalded area.


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