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KidsafeNameKidsafe Victoria Inc
 ABN31 923 927 415
 AddressMonash Children’s Hospital, Dixon Street, Clayton VIC 3168
 Telephone(03) 9111 7621
 AttentionMelanie Courtney, CEO

A.    Kidsafe wishes to create a list of businesses that provide good, reliable restraint fitting services (“Provider List”) and promote the list to members of the public.

B. Network Members may apply to be included on the Provider List by lodging a completed application with Kidsafe.

C. Kidsafe will publish on the Provider List a Network Member whose completed application demonstrates compliance with Kidsafe’s provider criteria.

1. Definitions

  • Applicant Provider means a Network Member that applies to be published on the Provider List.
  • Approved Provider means a Network Member that has been approved to be published on the Provider List.
  • Claim includes any action, claim, demand, suit or proceeding, whether actual or contingent, and whether arising at law, in equity, under statute or otherwise.
  • Customer means a customer of a Network Member in relation to restraint fitting services accessed via the Provider List.
  • Distribution Materials means materials (including evaluation forms, customer surveys and restraint safety information) to be distributed to Customers, as provided by Kidsafe to an Approved Provider.

Guidelines means the Best Practice Guidelines for the Safe Restraint of Children Travelling in Motor Vehicles as approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council, as updated from time to time.

  • Liability includes any form of liability or obligation, whether actual, contingent or prospective.
  • Loss means all damage, lost, cost, Claim, Liability or expense, including without limitation any legal expenses arising from a Claim or the defence of a Claim.
  • Provider List means Kidsafe Victoria’s Child Restraint Service Provider List as published on Kidsafe’s website and updated from time to time.
  • Network means the network you have nominated in items 11 and/or 12 of Section 3 of this form.
  • Network Member means a member of Network’s membership from time to time.
  • Personnel means all employees, agents, consultants and contractors of the relevant entity.
  • Type 1 Services means installation of standard restraints in vehicles equipped with factory fitted child restraint anchorage locations.
  • Type 2 Services means fitting of new / additional anchorages, additional seat belts and special devices such as Child Restraint Anchorage Bars (CRABs) and dual cab devices.

2. Information for Applicants

2.1 Confidentiality

  • Kidsafe will only publish the information provided in Section 3 (Applicant Provider information) as entered on the website prior to submitting this form.
  • All other questions are treated as confidential and enable Kidsafe to assess the suitability of the business for inclusion on the Provider List.

2.2 Kidsafe’s role

  • Kidsafe will:

(b) manage, promote, and publicise the Provider List to members of the public;

(c) supply Distribution Materials to an Approved Provider for the purpose of the Approved Provider distributing the Distribution Materials to Customers;

(d) collect feedback from Customers; and

(e) refer any complaints or negative feedback received in relation to products or services of an Approved Provider to Network.

2.3 No liability

Kidsafe accepts no liability in respect of the acts or omissions of any Applicant Provider, including any in respect of any misleading information provided by the Applicant Provider under this application form. The Applicant Provider is wholly responsible for ensuring all information provided in this form is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and for communicating to Kidsafe immediately any changes to the information provided. Kidsafe accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of reliance placed on the content of the Provider List.

Each Applicant Provider indemnifies Kidsafe for any Loss suffered by Kidsafe in respect of any act or omission of Network Members (including Approved Providers) in connection with the Provider List, the Type 1 Services and the Type 2 Services.

2.4 Removal of service

  • If Network suspends, ceases to endorse or terminates a service, that service will be removed temporarily or permanently from the Provider List. This could occur if Network membership lapses. No refund of fees will be provided.

3. Applicant Provider information

4. Premises

If no, please skip this question and go to question 6.

5. Training, professional development and technical support

6. Experience

Kidsafe may consult with Network to determine whether your experience is sufficient at this time for you to be included on the Provider List.

6.1 In the past 6 months how many of the following have you fitted?

6.3 Type 2 fitters only: in the past 12 months how many of the following have you fitted?

7. Quality of service

8. Compliance with Guidelines

Kidsafe requires all Applicant Providers to have read and agreed to comply with the Guidelines. You can access a copy of the Guidelines here.

9. Declaration

I agree that:

  1. I have read the Guidelines and will comply with all recommendations under the Guidelines at all times;
  2. I will inform Kidsafe immediately if any of the published details are or become inaccurate or incorrect;
  3. Neither I, nor any Personnel have supplied products or services that do not comply with relevant safety standards, or have manufactured or supplied any product that has a ‘safety defect’ in contravention of Part 3-3 or 3-5 of the Australian Consumer Law; and
  4. All information I have provided in this application is complete, accurate and up-to-date.