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Find a Fitter Criteria

To be included on Kidsafe Victoria's 'Find a Fitter' online listing, child restraint fitting stations must comply with a stringent set of criteria. This criteria relates to:

  • The training and professional development of the fitting station and their fitters (including the training program they have undertaken, how frequently they update their knowledge, how they ensure their employees work is of a high standard).
  • The experience of the fitters.
  • The quality of service- including the methods they use to demonstrate how the child restraint should be installed and used, how they test to see if customers understand what they have explained and showed them and what advice they provide to customers- and;
  • Their compliance with The National Guidelines for the Safe Restraint of Children Travelling in Motor Vehicles.

After your Appointment

Remember that once your child restraint is fitted professionally, you will need to regularly check to ensure that the fit of the restraint is maintained and that the restraint is adjusted to suit your child's size as they grow. For more information on maintaining your child restraint, please visit: