June 28, 2017
Farm Safety

Farms are exciting places for children to live, grow, explore and visit, however they can also provide unique environments and injury hazards. Farms typically combine the family home and an industrial workplace, which means children are exposed to a wide range of hazards that aren’t present in urban home environment.

Children in inner and outer regional areas of Victoria experience higher rates of death, hospital admission and emergency department presentation due to unintentional injuries compared to children in major cities in Victoria.

For more information on farm safety, please visit our Parent’s Guide to Kidsafe Farms resource.

Farm Safety Creative Competition

Kidsafe Victoria’s farm safety creative competition was designed to provide Victorian primary school children with an interactive and engaging way to learn about the various injury hazards that exist on farms. the competition, which was supported by WorkSafe Victoria, invited Victorian primary school aged children to create a video, illustrated story or poster around the theme of ‘staying safe on the farm’.

A big thank you to all of the students and schools who participated in the competition – we received a large number of entries from right across Victoria, all of which displayed how creative Victoria’s primary school children are!

To check out the winning entries, please click on the links below:

Create a Video

Prep – Grade 1: First

Grade 2-4: First, Second, Third

Grade 5-6: First, Second

Create a Poster/Infographic

Prep – Grade 1: First, Second, Third

Grade 2-4: First, Second, Third

Grade 5-6: First, Second, Third

Create and Illustrated Story

Grade 5-6: First, Second, Third                                                                           

The Farm Safety Creative Competition was proudly supported by:

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