May 16, 2022
Every week, three Australian children die due to preventable injuries

Kidsafe Victoria charity calls on the community to #betheonetomakethechange

Kidsafe Victoria has launched their heartfelt ‘The One’ campaign to raise awareness of child injury in the lead up to National Kidsafe Day.

The campaign features families whose children have lost their lives due to preventable injury. Sadly, despite no one ever thinking it could happen to them, three families every single week across Australia become ‘The One’, losing their children to incidents such as driveway runovers, button battery ingestions, drowning and furniture tipovers.

Kidsafe prevents these tragedies by empowering families with practical strategies and knowledge of how to prevent serious, life-threatening injuries.

Alex Hamilton, Relationship and Engagement Manager of Kidsafe Victoria, highlighted the impact that losing a child has on families, friends and the wider community.

“You never imagine that you will be ‘The One’…. but what if you were?”

“We work with many families who have lost their child due to a preventable injury. Their lives are changed forever and the damage is irreparable. They are good parents who never thought that they would be ‘The One’ that this happened to. But sadly, a near-miss or the unthinkable can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why Kidsafe continues to work tirelessly to ensure prevention messages reach all families across Victoria,” said Ms Hamilton.

“We are calling on everyone in the community to be ‘The One’ to make the change, and help us to save kids’ lives.”

Kidsafe Victoria are urging the community to #betheonetomakethechange by:

  • downloading their free home safety checklist and going through their homes to assess potential hazards for children
  • sharing their injury prevention tips with family, friends and their local communities to help raise awareness
  • donating to Kidsafe Victoria to help them continue their work to save more lives

As part of National Kidsafe Day activities this month, Kidsafe Victoria are also holding their inaugural ‘Night of Hope’ Gala Ball. If you would like to attend the magical evening with great entertainment, or simply make a donation, please visit their website. With entertainment by the incredible Matt Hetherington and MC’d by Australia’s first Apprentice Winner – Andrew Morello – it will be a night filled with fun, dancing and lots of hope for a safe future for kids.


To watch stories from families who were ‘The One’ and donate to Kidsafe Victoria, please visit: