February 8, 2013
Driveway Safety

On average, every year 7 children aged 0-14 years are killed and 60 are seriously injured due to driveway run over incidents in Australia. Most driveway run overs occur in the driveway of the child’s own home, or in a friend or relative’s driveway. The driver is usually a parent, relative or family friend.

In 85% of cases, the driver does not know that a child is close to the vehicle; they think they are being looked after elsewhere.

Driveways are dangerous places for children – they are designed to allow vehicles access to and from a property and therefore present the same hazards as roads. Children’s unpredictability, their inquisitive nature and the fact that they are surprisingly quick and mobile, places them at increased risk around driveways.

To assist in making your driveway Kidsafe ensure that you SUPERVISE, SEPARATE & SEE. For more information please view Kidsafe’s driveway safety video and fact sheet below.


pdf icon Driveway safety fact sheet

pdf icon Driveway Safety National Poster ‘Dont go if you Don’t know’

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