March 6, 2014
‘Do Not Leave Children In Cars’ campaign

Kidsafe Vic Do Not Leave Children In Cars Signs 2013 medium

Kidsafe Victoria implemented the ‘Do Not Leave Children In Cars’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars and reduce the number of incidents across the state. Our campaign has been delivering these vital messages to the Victorian public for over 10 years.

A key feature of the campaign is Kidsafe Victoria’s ‘Do Not Leave Children Unattended in Cars’ signs, which are ideally suited for car parks at shopping/cafe strips, parks, gardens, shopping centres, entertainment venues, business premises, schools, early childhood centres, sporting facilities and aquatic centres.

As part of the campaign, Kidsafe Victoria has developed community awareness kits specifically for local government, early childhood services, shopping centres and hotels/gaming venues. The kits provide these organisations with the tools to raise awareness and reduce the number of children left unattended in car incidents in their local areas and in an ongoing capacity. The kits also provide organisations with an opportunity to work in partnership with Kidsafe Victoria.

Please click on the links below for more information or to purchase one of the community awareness kits.

Local council community awareness kit Early childhood kit

Shopping centre kitHotel gaming venue kit


Supporters of the campaign

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