November 6, 2014

‘Elmo Stays Safe’ Road Safety Campaign

Elmo Stays Safe Image

The ‘Elmo Stays Safe’ campaign, developed by Kidsafe Victoria and Sesame Workshop with the support of the TAC, RACV and Holden, is designed to prevent child motor vehicle and pedestrian injuries and deaths in Australia. The campaign contributes to the international effort to reduce child injury and death as part of the United Nations Global Decade of Action for Road Safety. A number of educational resources have been developed as part of the campaign, including an iPad app, storybook with associated learning experiences and a TV and radio Community Service Announcement. For more information on the ‘Elmo Stays Safe’ campaign and to download the free resources, please click  here.

 ‘Closing the Gate on Backyard Pool Drowning’ Campaign

Closing the Gate Image

Kidsafe Victoria’s annual ‘Closing the Gate on Backyard Pool Drowning’ campaign encourages all pool owners to check the safety of their pool fences and surrounding areas in the lead up to daylight saving. The campaign, supported by a number of stakeholders including Life Saving Victoria, Ambulance Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority, raises awareness about common issues with pool fences, pool fencing legislation, the importance of CPR and how to keep children safe around backyard swimming pools. For more information on the campaign, please click  here.

 ‘Supervise, Separate and See’ Driveway Safety Campaign

 Driveway Safety Image

On average, every year 7 children aged 0-14 years are killed and 60 are seriously injured due to driveway run over incidents in Australia. Kidsafe implemented the ‘Supervise, Separate and See’ national driveway safety campaign to raise community awareness of the dangers that driveways pose for children. The campaign provides parents and carers with information, advice and practical strategies to assist them to keep their driveways safe. For more information on the campaign and driveway safety, please click k here.

‘Do Not Leave Children in Cars’ Campaign

do not leave children in cars campaign image

Leaving a child unattended in a car, even for a short period of time, can be fatal. Kidsafe Victoria’s annual ‘Do Not Leave Children in Cars’ campaign raises awareness of the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars, with the aim of reducing the number of incidents across the state. Campaign resources include a fact sheet, infographics, ‘Do Not Leave Children In Cars’ car park signs and a local council community awareness kit. For more information on the campaign please click here.

The Battery Controlled Campaign

Battery Controlled Image

In Australia, around 4 children a week present to an emergency department with a button battery related injury. Kidsafe has partnered with Energizer, the ACCC, Woolworths and Mister Minit as part of the national ‘Battery Controlled Campaign’ to alert parents and carers to the hidden danger posed by button batteries. For more information on the dangers of button batteries and the ‘Battery Controlled’ campaign, please click here.

 Safety for Our Little Fellas Campaign

Safety For Our Little Fellas Image

Indigenous children are 1.3 times more likely to be hospitalised due to an injury than non Indigenous children. Their death rate from injury is more than 3 times the rate for non Indigenous children. Kidsafe’s ‘Safety for Our Little Fellas’ kit is designed to provide organisations and services with the tools to effectively engage Aboriginal parents and carers in learning and discussion about child injury prevention. For more information and to download the ‘Safety for Our Little Fellas’ campaign and resources, please click here.