August 7, 2017
Almost 500 Victorian Children Treated in Hospital Annually for Farm Injuries

Kidsafe Victoria has launched its ‘Staying Safe on the Farm’ creative competition aimed at preventing the number of serious injuries on farms, which are responsible for ten children a week being treated in hospital.

The competition is supported by WorkSafe Victoria.

Farm safety creative competition website banner

Kidsafe Victoria General Manager, Jason Chambers said statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit show that in 2015/16, 491 Victorian children aged 0-14 years were treated in hospital for an injury that occurred on a farm.

“Common injury hazards for children on farms include machinery, vehicles (e.g. tractors and motorbikes), animals, water hazards (e.g. dams, rivers, creeks and animal drinking troughs) and poisons (e.g. pesticides)”, said Mr Chambers.

“Farms typically combine the family home and an industrial workplace, which means children are exposed to a wide range of hazards that aren’t present in urban home environment.”

Mr Chambers said that being aware of potential injury hazards and measures that can be put in place to reduce the risk is not only vital for families that live on farms, but also those who are visiting a farm.

Primary school children throughout the State will be asked to turn their creative minds to developing videos, illustrated stories, posters or infographics as part of the statewide community awareness campaign.    

A range of prizes will be awarded to the winners of the competition, with the winning entries also being utilised as part of a statewide farm safety social media awareness campaign.

WorkSafe Executive Director, Health and Safety Marnie Williams said farmers needed to reinforce that safety was a number one priority for people working, living and visiting farms.

“Eight out of a total 15 workplace fatalities in Victoria this year have occurred on farms. Farmers need make sure they manage the risks and set boundaries to protect everyone from harm.”

For more information on the competition, including how to enter, please visit