April 26, 2017
3 tips for setting up a portable cot

When heading away for the weekend, visiting family, or sending the kids off on a sleep over, portable cots are great for ensuring that your baby still has a safe place to sleep. However, any parent or carer who has set up a portable cot knows that this can be a stressful task!


We’ve put together some tips for setting up a portable cot, so that your baby can sleep safely – and your sanity remains intact!

  1. Pack the instructions
    This might sound silly, but having the instructions can save you a lot of time and confusion when erecting the cot. It is also crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the folding ends are securely locked in and there is no chance of the cot collapsing on your child during the night.
  2. Use the mattress that is supplied with the cot
    The mattress that is supplied with the cot should be snug fitting, so that there are no gaps between the mattress and the side of the cot that could trap your baby’s head and cause suffocation. This mattress should also be firm enough so that it cannot cover a baby’s face.

  3. Check the room for hazards
    A new place might mean new hazards. Ensure that you set up the portable cot away from any windows or hanging curtain and blind cords. Do not place any items in the portable cot that could cover your baby’s face. This includes pillows, cot bumpers, or toys. If you are leaving your baby overnight with your parents or a babysitter, check that they know how to create a safe sleeping environment.

Remember that portable cots should not be used on a permanent basis. For more information on safe sleeping for infants, please visit our safe-sleeping page to find out more.

Do you have any other tips for setting up a portable cot?


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